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Lack of time and drudgery process in preparation of millet foods has been major reason for the consumers to decline consumption of millet meal at home. To address this problem, we bring you ready-to-eat traditional millets foods, which include our popular Ragi malt, and other millet foods for breakfast (idly, dosa, pongal) and other meals rich in proteins and fiber.


To keep everyone stay healthy and productive by providing access to healthy nutritious whole grain food


To provide ready-to-use traditional, authentic, tasty and nutritious millet and other whole grain (unprocessed and unrefined) food products to your door and help you in maintaining healthy life.

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Food and Health

Nutritious food is vital for good health. In today’s world, lack of food is no more a problem; rather high calorie food with poor nutrients is cause for concern, especially in urban areas. Research has proven beyond doubt that consumption of processed foods consisting of refined carbohydrates
(polished rice and wheat); high sugar and fat; and low in fiber is a major cause for growing incidence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, coronary heart diseases and digestive disease in India and other parts of world. What is alarming is the fact that, besides impacting middle-age population (35-50yrs), these disability diseases are affecting our youngsters of age 20-35 yr. With 50% of Indian population less than 25 yr of age, the expert estimates that there will be exponential growth in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in India. A study found that consumption of Western style fast-food (refined carbohydrates) two times per week caused
27% increase in the risk of diabetes.

In the current Internet age, we all are well aware of importance of healthy life-style and food habits. However, lack of access to nutritious food coupled with lack of time to cook among urban population has been major barrier in maintaining good health.


Millet foods are called as “Healthiest food”, “Next generation smart food” or “super-foods”. Traditionally, millets have been major staple food in Indian society for centuries. Millet foods were part of our grandparents diet. Millets are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin-B and micronutrients (calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium). The protein content of most millet is equivalent to protein content of Quinoa, a popular plant protein-rich grain that cost around Rs 1000/kg. More importantly, millets have highest content of fiber among the cereals grains.

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